I have been a member of the Northeast Berks Chamber for over two years. In that time, I have met many great people and successfully grown my business by networking with member businesses and attending Chamber functions. I have also successfully built a network of referral relationships with other members. Recently, I became a Chamber Ambassador and joined the membership committee. This has opened up new opportunities for me to be involved with communicating with newer members and organizing events for all of the members to enjoy. To summarize the Northeast Berks Chamber can help you increase your business, make people aware of how you can help them and have fun in the process. I look forward to meeting new and existing but most of all you in the future.

Barry Endy, Fraser Advanced Information Systems

Like most folks, I joined the chamber for the networking contacts, but the real true value is meeting face-to-face. Many of the members I had already known, but the chamber events solidify those acquaintances. For instance, at the last chamber event, another long-time chamber member and friend introduced me to a builder from Topton. I had known about him for decades, and he knew of me… but we had never met personally. Through the chamber, we did meet, and that’s cool!

Jim Long, Security Service Company Fleetwood

Joining the Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce as a business owner has been very rewarding and exciting for me. I have learned so much, and I continue to grow and break out of my comfort zone by engaging in all the events offered.  Plus, I have met some wonderful members that I am honored to have as mentors.

Sherry Christman, owner, Elite Business Solutions, LLC

I just started getting involved with the Chamber in the last year. I have been very impressed with the people and how welcoming they are. I have been spreading the word with my colleagues, and we hope to make more events and meetings. It was really good to see so many interested people from Hamburg. We have needed this type of thing for a long time. Also, I think the meet & greet luncheons are handled wonderfully. You get to meet people on a one-on-one basis and receive a list of contacts the next day to stay in touch. Great job.

Beth Heckart, Vice President & Business Development Officer, Tompkins VIST Bank, Hamburg, PA

The Northeast Berks Chamber of Commerce has offered me so many opportunities in both my personal and business life…New Business, Networking, Friendships, & Education opportunities are just of the few opportunities I have taken advantage of. It is wonderful to be associated with a fine quality chamber association.


Debbie Berger, Hasch Daal Custom Embroidery, Silk-Screening & Promotional Items